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Requirements for the installation of a Telraam in my window

Why we sometimes require a photo of the view during registration

Is the location of my window suitable for Telraam? 

When registering as a candidate for a Telraam network, we ask you to upload a photo with the participation form. The purpose is to check whether your location is suitable for a Telraam. Is the roadway and/or footpath visible? Is there a balcony in the way, a fly-screen, shutters or a tree that obstructs the view?

Or maybe you want to purchase a Telraam yourself, but first want to make sure your window meets all the Telraam requirements. If so, read on. If after reading this article you are not sure if your window is suitable, send us an email at with a photo (from on the window facing the road, as if it were the view from the Telraam device) with your address attached.


Uploading a picture on the registration form (if part of a network)

We ask you to take a picture of the street from the window (1st or 2nd floor) from the spot where you would place a Telraam on the window. This needs to be perpendicular to the street and not at an angle. Sloped windows or skylights are not appropriate for hanging a Telraam.


Window requirements

1️⃣   Floor: The window is not on the ground floor (0) and preferably on the first floor (+1). The minimum height is 3 meters. Preferably higher.

2️⃣   Maximum distance from window to street is about 15 meters.

3️⃣   Minimum distance: Your Telraam is not too close to the road. "Too close" means that vehicles the size of a van (and larger) cannot fit into the camera's field of view. This can be the case, for example, on one-way streets where there is no footpath on either side, for example, a street narrower than 5 meters.

4️⃣   Clear view: no trees, or hedges to block the view and no flags, fly screen, etc. Moving objects will interfere with the recognition of moving vehicles

5️⃣   No intersections in the camera image

6️⃣ No stationary traffic* in camera image. Avoid locations where traffic is completely stationary for more than 30 seconds, especially near traffic lights or busy intersections.

7️⃣   Perpendicular: window should be placed perpendicular to the street, not at an angle

8️⃣   WiFi* connection at the window

9️⃣  Power outlet near the window, as the Telraam needs power. 

* only required for V1 model

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