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Telling my neighbours

What if my neighbors are surprised or curious?

Your neighbours may see your Telraam camera in the window and be surprised or curious. If they wish, they can have access to all Telraam data (the data are accessible to everyone). 

You can tell them to visit our website in order to visualize their street on our map by zooming with their mouse. They can also take a look at the other streets in their neighbourhood and see what information they can get from Telraam. They will see the most recent data directly by moving their mouse over a street segment:


➡️   Would your neighbours like to know more about the available data? Let them read this article: "Viewing and interpreting Telraam data".

➡️   Do any of your neighbours have questions about privacy? You can have them read this article: "What about privacy?".

➡️   Do your neighbours wish they could count? Invite them to join the Telraam community: "Would you like to have a Telraam?"

➡️    Attached is a flyer that you can use/print to inform your neighbours, you can download it (and print it) and send / give it to them.

➡️   Attached is a 'Hello, we are counting here' flyer, which you could print and hang it up next to your Telraam


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